Image publication monitoring for photo agencies

Tracking the publication of photos in printed media and online, Pixtrakk is a service provided by PixPalace in partnership with TNS media intelligence (Kantar Media) and LTU technologies.

The Challenge
With today’s increased and varied distribution channels, media companies, photographers and photo agencies are confronted more than ever with the problem of tracking the utilization of their images.

The Solution
The PixTrakk solution monitors photos published in the printed press and on websites (over 2500 printed publications and 500 websites) and LTU technologies™ image recognition tools match these with the image databases of photo agencies. Details of where photos are published are available via the PixTrakk solution interface.


For photo agencies:
automatic identification of published photos
decrease time spent on invoicing
free up time to concentrate on image sales


For publications:
decrease time spent on usage monitoring
reduce human errors in attributing remuneration
simplify administrative tasks