Print to Mobile
Link offline content to digital content simply by snapping a picture with mobile visual search. Easy integration with image search API, SDKs and content and analytics platform.

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Image matching, similarity and filtering is used by law enforcement, government agencies and other organizations to search and analyze visual content, identify stolen items, moderate unwanted content and more.
Visual Content Tracking
Automate the tracking of copyright images, advertisements, logos and product images with image recognition to improve efficiency and reduce human error.
Online Visual Search
Add a new dimension to traditional search and navigation with online visual search. The combination of color and similarity search provides a unique way to search and navigate visual content.

LTU technologies offers a solution to fit your specific need:

As the amounts of online visual content accumulates, along with the vehicles that make it easier to share, image recognition is becoming more important and more challenging.

LTU technologies offers 3 innovative solutions :


    • LTU engine /ON premise - Licensed software
    • LTU engine /ON demand – SaaS
    • LTU mobile

 Depending on your use case, there is one adapted for your need: