Online Visual Search
Add a new dimension to traditional search and navigation with online visual search. The combination of color and similarity search provides a unique way to search and navigate visual content.

Enrich the online search experience

Online visual search enables innovative search functionality that adds a new dimension to traditional website search making the user experience more relevant and engaging.

Used with categorization and keywords, the combination of color and similarity search provides a unique way to navigate through large image catalogs.

Take site search to the next level

Online visual search is usually used for eCommerce sites and stock photo portals that are dominated by large amounts of image content. Integrating image recognition automates visual search functionality, as well as creates a more engaging and relevant search experience.

Online visual search facilitates users to search for similar images and images with specific colors. Users can also upload their own images to search for matching and similar merchandise on a site, which not only helps them easily find what they are looking for, but also creates a deeper and broader browsing experience thus exposing user to more products and increasing the time spent on the site.


Search by similarity

Allow users to browse within catalogs to find images or merchandise that are similar based on shape and color. Broaden search and exposure to images by displaying similar images that the user might be interested in based on search history.

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Search by colors

Provide users with tool to navigate images by searching with color or combination of colors extracted from an entire image catalog or an individual image. Create dynamic color palettes based on actual colors of images and image sets.

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