Color Search
LTU technologies offers a powerful color search technology that extracts color palettes from a set of images and enables search by individual and multiple combinations of color.

Search by colors

Color search is a powerful functionality that analyzes the colors in an image collection or individual image and provides a set of tools to navigate the collection based on the actual colors present.


Use color search to:

  • Search for images by color or collection of colors
  • Identify all colors in an image
  • Search for images with a color combination based on percentages (e.g. 25% red, 75% green)
  • Upload an image to find images with similar colors
  • Find the most popular color or color palette in a collection of images or category
  • Suggest a complementary color based on the colors present in the collection


Uniform background removal

By default, the color DNA is computed on the entire image, however a uniform background removal configuration is available.  The background removal configuration identifies uniform backgrounds and only analyzes the foreground image.