Powerful Image Matching
The fastest and most accurate image matching technology finds images with matching pixel content. Robust against glare, rotation, crop, perspective and blur.

Powerful image matching technology

LTU technologies’ image matching functionality uses distinct pixel features to analyze visual content and identify matching images between a query image and a reference database.

Use image matching to search and find images that are:

  • Exactly the same (e.g. for deduplication)
  • Edited in any way (e.g. for tracking on copyright images)
  • Photos taken of the same visual content (e.g. for print to mobile applications)

Matching zone – what matched?

The LTU technologies’ image matching functionality includes an optional matching zone parameter. The matching zone highlights exactly where a query image matched with identified images from a reference database. The matching zone details can be represented visually, as coordinates and as a percentage.

The matching zone is typically used:

  • To understand where and why two images matched
  • As a threshold for disregarding images that matched with less than x%

Configurations for optimized performance

Image matching is highly configurable and applicable to a vast number of different applications that require the functionality of searching and identifying matching images. Image matching can be configured to be optimized with the following options:

  • Rotation invariance
  • Matching thresholds
  • Text removal
  • Flip invariance

As an example, the requirement for image matching for ad tracking is very different than that of mobile image matching:

Ad tracking: strong against transformation such as flipped, cropped and edited images.

Mobile: robust against glare, perspective and distance.