Why include mobile experiences in your Brand Experience strategy

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Whether they are looking for information on product features, comparing prices or checking reviews, consumers are increasingly attentive to what they buy.

By 2021, it is estimated that 8 out of 10 smartphone users will make it a habit to do some preliminary research before going to the point of sale.

Brands can now meet these expectations by tying their products to the object most used by consumers: their smartphone. This is what we call “connected mobile experiences”. As we’ll see, these can support various marketing strategies. So what’s in it for your business? And for consumers?

An opportunity to measure and amplify campaign performance

Taking the example of sampling campaigns, it is extremely complex to identify a causal link between the distribution of samples and their actual impact on sales. To address this issue, tools such as LinkMe make it easy to report on connected marketing campaigns and assess their return on investment. Each product scan is counted and analysed.Such connected campaigns also help optimise the visibility (and therefore profitability) of existing content by sharing it through the product scan.

Get a better understanding of users

A significant benefit of connected mobile experience campaigns is the ability to capture consumer-product interactions (so-called clickstream). This data is invaluable when it comes to learning about users’ interests and building loyalty by offering them more relevant products or services.

Good Data approaches (asking consumers for their opinion on specific aspects of the product) can also be channelled through such mobile experiences. The consumer feels involved in the brand’s development, which in turn positively impacts its reputation.

Boosted turnover

It has been shown that connected mobile experiences lead to increased sales, especially because the shopping journey remains uninterrupted and users have easier access to incentives such as discounts.

In the for instance, more than 58% of in-store sales directly result from a digital experience.

Finally, mobile is an additional storytelling tool for the brand universe, which contributes to building a positive brand image. In the long term, consumers who have a positive image of a business will be more likely to buy from it again.

For many companies, the challenge in the next few years will be to accelerate their digitalisation in order to become a connected brand. A phenomenon that has accelerated in the midst of the pandemic, the big winners being the brands that have managed to build a connected relationship with their customers.

And now ?

Don’t wait any longer, and offer a LinkMe experience to your consumers! LinkMe is the connected object solution. Thanks to a mobile visual recognition technology, you can offer both Augmented Reality content and web content, you no longer have to choose between one and the other! To learn more 👉 It’s here!

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