Satellite alerting system for Earth observation

Accessible optical and radar satellite image processing

Save time and increase efficiency

The EarthChange tool allows operators to focus their resources on detecting anomalies and changes, meaning expert analysts can reliably qualify the visual processing result.

A simplified approach

EarthChange serves as the missing link between providers of raw earth observation data and end users through a satellite image processing management interface.

Real-time processing

This technology processes images collected by a satellite passing over a given area, and analyses in real time any change between flyovers. 

No supervised learning

The processing of optical and radar satellite images is traditionally carried out using Deep Learning with neural algorithms that are complex and expensive to implement, with unpredictable effectiveness.

Automated alert system

How does it work? The EarthChange technology allows a fine comparison between “n” images of a given area acquired from satellite constellations, and automatically analyses any change observed between T and T-n.

When a change threshold (defined beforehand) is reached, an alert is generated by the EarthChange tool for expert analysts to qualify these variations and take necessary measures.

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Defining an area of interest

The tool allows you to define a geographical area to be monitored (agricultural land, waterways, construction sites, etc.)

Detecting significant change

Change detection based on the automated comparison of satellite images. The intensity of deviations is given a score, and visual indicators point to the areas where changes can be found.

Automating alert generation

When a change threshold is reached, an alert is generated for expert analysts to qualify these changes and take necessary measures.

Alert system

The missing link between providers of raw earth observation data and end users.


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LTU visual search expertise

Image processing without deep learning

The core of our technology is based on creating a unique signature for an object or an image. Similarly to an ID, our algorithms extract a wide range of data based on the image or object’s visual characteristics.

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