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Smart Retail

Computer vision combined with Deep Learning powers multiple companies fulfil their image related needs such as product recognition, connected packaging and retail user experience

Product Recognition

The content exponential increase constraints brands and retailers to constantly employ massive amount of time and ressources administrate data. LTU enhances images management thanks to visual search and content detection providing its clients with robust and scalable image management platform. Our technology accuracy supports large image volume operation.

Field of application

Packaging  Recognition

Feature image recognition in customer journey to fasten product information access, increase customer engagement and data collection. LTU’s visual intelligence recognises any kind of product packaging including labels, sleeves, cardboard boxes, Doypack, and tubes.

Product Search & Track on the web

Our image recognition algorithm analyses millions of images in seconds and detects a product in ads, image composition, catalogues, prints, billboards to measure brand visibility and marketing campaign ROI.

DAM / Image Database Management

LTU builds dedicated AI models to fasten image classification and labelling when large volume of data enter a database. Using LTU SaaS platform or deploy on-premise, visual intelligence is a fantastic tool for better content operation.

Image Recognition in Mobile Apps

Feature visual recognition in your mobile application, chatbots, virtual agents, and progressive web apps greater user experience. We turn actual images into actionable insights in order to help shoppers.

Product Detection for Brand Protection

LTU works closely with brands and agencies to detect counterfeit items on market places combining image recognition with crawling tools. LTU also locates brand misuse to help organisation fight agains image diversion & counterfeiting networks.

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LTU visual intelligence powers multiple companies fulfil their image related needs

Augmented Education

Build your own visual intelligence for learning experience using LTU platform

Brand Intelligence

LTU provides brands and agencies with product identification and fine packaging comparison for anti-counterfeiting programs, marketing research, and social media monitoring

Law Enforcement & Defence

The most advance image detection and recognition system available on-premise