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Connected Samples by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne launches the first connected sampling campaign for its leading fragrance Lady Million and Lucky Million using visual recognition via its Messenger bot

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Product & Sample Recognition

Consumers want more product information and personalised experiences. LTU has addressed those retail challenges by configuring its image recognition algorithms for mobile environment. Robust to image alterations, lighting, blur, visual recognition creates immersive experience for mobile users via mobile apps, progressive web-apps, chatbots, Messenger, etc.

Packaging Recognition

Our signature

The DNA signature developed by LTU Tech is also robust to the multiple alterations of requests sent from a mobile device due to changes in scale, shooting angles, motion blur, compressions and sometimes low quality optics.

Research and development is a significant part of LTU Tech’s investments. Based on the machine learning principles, LTU Tech optimizes the results returned by soliciting several image analysis algorithms. This automated optimization loop tends to get as close as possible to the ground truth when the repository is poor quality or the queries are altered by exogenous factors.

Sampling Campaign ROI

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Private API for Artificial Vision

LTU provides its artificial vision tools for image classification and recognition via a private API in order to fulfil visual intelligence needs such as brand protection, media intelligence, staff training, image management and digital marketing

Mobile consumer experiences
Media intelligence
Social media monitoring
Brand protection
Copyright protection
Staff training
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