Hunt the Invaders !


About 3 000 mural Space Invaders mosaics are designed on walls throughout the world. The street artist asked for a game that enables citizens to interact with the aliens mosaics.

Key performance indicators

2 millions annual
1 flash every 10 sec
+85K players

How we help

Inspired by arcade platform games, LTU team developed a gaming experience based on street art aliens hunt trough FlashInvaders app.

An SDK (Software development Kit) has been released to implement the scanning feature within the mobile app (available on Android and iOS). The LTU algorithm was combined with users’ geolocation, allowing the distribution of a certain number of points to the participant depending on the difficulty to find the recognized Invaders.

The benefits with FlashInvaders app for the artist are to enrich his artistic work with an entertaining and viral experience, which today federates a large and very active community around his murals. This game perpetuates the popularity of these mosaics over time , and thus the recognition of the artist.