Hunt the Invaders !

Context :

Invader is a French artist who has been putting his little mosaics on city walls since 1996. If the first works represented the pixelated and mythical aliens in Taito’s games, the themes have changed since then, and his playground has moved from the streets of Paris to the people of the world.

Flash Invaders has 70,000 players and 3 million flashes. Released on iPhone and Android in 2014, the game aims to earn points by shooting or flashing Invader creations.



We all know the Invaders mosaic murals. The street art artist behind these nearly 3,000 mosaics placed around the world wanted a mobile game that would allow passers-by to interact with these works. Inspired by arcade games, the LTU team developed a game experience based on the street artist’s alien hunt.


Objectives :

  • Enriching the artistic work with an entertaining and viral experience
  • Perpetuate over time the popularity of these mosaics and the recognition of the artist
  • Federate a large and active community


Solution :

  1. Activate our visual recognition on all mosaics
  2. Combine visual recognition with geolocation to manage scores
  3. An SDK has been delivered to enable an in-app scan functionality (available on Android and iOS)

Key performance indicators

2 millions annual
1 flash every 10 sec
+85K players

Results :

Inspired by arcade platform games, LTU team developed a gaming experience based on street art aliens hunt trough FlashInvaders app.

An SDK (Software development Kit) has been released to implement the scanning feature within the mobile app (available on Android and iOS). The LTU algorithm was combined with users’ geolocation, allowing the distribution of a certain number of points to the participant depending on the difficulty to find the recognized Invaders.

The benefits with FlashInvaders app for the artist are to enrich his artistic work with an entertaining and viral experience, which today federates a large and very active community around his murals. This game perpetuates the popularity of these mosaics over time , and thus the recognition of the artist.