Le Guide du Routard – Tourisme connecté

Connected tour guides


The Guide du Routard, sometimes nicknamed the GDR, is a French collection of travel guides published by Hachette Tourisme Livre. First French-speaking editorial site dedicated to travel, routard.com is the Internet portal of the Routard guide. It is published by Cyberterre. The Guide du Routard offers a wide range of sections and services to make you want to travel and to prepare your weekend, your vacations or a long journey.



Le Guide du ROUTARD aims to offer digital tools to boost the tourist experience and respond to new trends. It is important to facilitate access to information and to promote discovery with a solution that guides tourists to cultural sites, restaurants and hotels. The brand is looking for a solution to bridge the gap between paper and digital guides.

However, publishers are quickly limited to sharing print-only content when more multimedia content is available online.



  • Improve the tourism and discovery experience
  • Build audience loyalty with an innovative service
  • Position themselves as forward-thinking brands



  1. Activate our visual recognition on every page of the guide and associate multimedia content (interactive maps, videos, booking links, etc.)
  2. Provision of the Visual Search API to enable the integration of mobile visual recognition functionality within the Hachette Livre application
  3. Identify behavioral patterns using the data collected, to rethink and optimize tourist routes

Performance indicators

+120 nationalities
+ 14 000 flashes
+ 5 000 unique users


The solution delivered to the Guide du Routard consists in activating our visual recognition on the different pages of the guide and enriching them with digital content such as redirections to cultural places, videos, hotels and many other contents.

Le Routard has decided to integrate the visual recognition technology into an application that can offer a solution to current roaming trends by sharing content available in several languages by connecting only an image in a mobile channel.

The benefits for Le Routard are better visibility on tourist behavior thanks to flash and click reports; as well as a simplified implementation of the tourist experience.

The brand has also gained traffic to its content, boosted customer loyalty and entertained and trained its users while enhancing its heritage.