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Editions Hatier integrates two publishers whose productions are different from its own: Editions Foucher, specialized in technical education, and Edition Didier, whose expertise in foreign languages is recognized by prescribers. These three companies now form the Alexandre Hatier Group and publish in all disciplines and age groups.

Today, Hatier is one of the leading French educational publishers present from kindergarten to high school and publishes in all general subjects. As the leader in the extracurricular segment, it has given a strong boost to this segment with its Annabac, Tout savoir, Chouette and Prépabac collections. For several years now, Hatier has been expanding into the youth segment with innovative collections: Tout Mousse, Hatier Poche, boxed books …

A pioneer in the development of digital technology, Hatier is continually innovating by multiplying the forms of access to knowledge: a range of Bescherelle mobile applications, interactive textbooks, e-books, content websites.



The publisher wants to bring digital tools to boost the learning experience of students and to respond to new school from home trends. It is therefore important to be able to provide complete and attractive teaching materials.

However, publishers are quickly limited to sharing print-only content when more multimedia content is available online.



  • Optimization of resource requirements
  • Optimized learning path
  • Simplified book management



  1. Enable our visual recognition on every page of the textbook, and associate multimedia content (interactive maps, videos, booking links, etc.) with it
  2. Provision of the Visual Search API to enable the integration of mobile visual recognition functionality within the Webapp
  3. Identify behavioral patterns through the data collected, to rethink and optimize the learning path

Performance indicators

+25 000 images
+400 000 flashes
+50 000 unique users


LTU’s visual recognition applied to Hatier Group’s textbooks provided a digital and mobile solution for students, college students and apprentices.

LTU integrated its image recognition API into the WebApp, which automatically activates the phone’s camera to scan a page to which additional content is attached, such as news articles, online quizzes, videos, audio files, and more.

The benefits for the publisher Edition Didier are to provide an educational tool that enriches learning by supplementing the curriculum with current and up-to-date (and real-time) information, provides access to a variety of academic content to maintain a daily appreciation for school life, and allows children and students to get answers at any time.