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With over 20 years of experience, LTU owns a multitude of visual recognition algorithms.

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With 20 years of experience in visual recognition technology and proprietary of multiple algorithms, LTU delivers the best image analysis technology for private and public organisations to leverage their image data.
Identify, search and organise your images and objects

An open and fully customisable object and image processing SaaS solution to help you recognize, search and organise your image data

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Industrial Control
Automated industrial control solution

Manufacturers seek to identify defective parts during their production or maintenance processes because they can lead to potential malfunction and generate significant additional costs.

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Satellite imagery
Change detection in satellite images

Satellite imagery, modern digital cameras and drones alike have opened up new possibilities for observing the Earth from above. But the sheer volume of data is a massive challenge for analysts.

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Customisable visual recognition API

A suite of web services in object and image processing capabilities including matching, colour palette and search based on various metadata

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Automated industrial control

Ekselio is the maintenance and quality control solution that detects changes in real time, any addition or removal on industrial parts and components.

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Satellite Alert System for Earth Observation

EarthChange can be used to automate the generation of alerts whenever a significant level of change is detected on optical and radar satellite images.

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Discover our 3 products: Watchdog (SaaS platform for ecommerce monitoring), our customizable API, and LinkMe (SaaS platform for mobile marketing experiences)

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