LTU offers the very best in no-learning image analysis technology using patented algorithms.

Our environmental risk management and asset preservation solutions

Our technologies combine to provide a solution to your needs In all sectors of activity

LTU offers advanced image recognition and visual search solutions, improving operational efficiency, protecting copyrights and providing a visual experience. innovante.

Earth observation by Earthchange

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Image and object recognition with Image ID


LTU Tech’s EarthChange solution is an innovative platform that uses image recognition technologies to monitor and analyze large-scale environmental change, enabling organizations to better understand the impacts and trends linked to the evolution of our planet.

White papers, guides and blog

These resources are designed to offer in-depth information on the latest trends, best practices and image recognition technologies.

White papers and guides offer valuable insights to help companies make the most of visual search and copyright protection.

The blog is a source of news, case studies and analysis to keep you up to date in the field of image recognition and its applications.

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LTU Tech’s Single Signature Visual Recognition is an advanced technology that identifies and tracks specific objects or images across different sources and channels. Using sophisticated algorithms, this technology is able to create a unique signature for each image, enabling accurate searching and rapid detection. Thanks to this innovative approach, companies can benefit from improved visual asset management, copyright protection and counterfeit detection.

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