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With over 20 years of experience, LTU owns a multitude of visual recognition algorithms.

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With 20 years of experience and multiple proprietary visual recognition algorithms, LTU delivers the best image analysis technology for private and public organisations to leverage their image data.
Use for e-commerce
Easily automate the tracking of your sales territories

Monitor the compliance of your product offers on the web and track your entire products catalog on different merchant sites around the world

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Use for integration
Search, compare and organise your images and objects

An open and fully customisable object and image processing SaaS solution to help you search, compare and organise your image data

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Use for mobile marketing
Deliver an interactive experience to your users

Mobile recognition solution to enrich the user experience with immediate access to multimedia and augmented reality information

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SaaS solution for automated monitoring of e-commerce sites

Improve the conversion rate of your product offers, reduce the costs due to product returns, and reduce the internal costs related to monitoring your web sales territories.

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Customisable visual recognition API

A suite of web services in object and image processing capabilities including matching, fine image comparison, colour palette search, similarity and metadata search

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Bring your media to life

Connect your products and media to give your users exclusive access to augmented reality content combined with web content, all from a simple scan.

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Discover our 3 products: Watchdog (SaaS platform for ecommerce monitoring), our customizable API, and LinkMe (SaaS platform for mobile marketing experiences)

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