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Visual recognition RESTful API
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Visual search API

The integrated object and image processing solution

Because your trade and specific needs are unique, LTU delivers an integrated SaaS solution, open and configurable for visual recognition.

This web service is a suite of object and image processing features that includes matching, color palette search and metadata search (coming soon).

LTU offers a computer vision solution working without Deep Learning, thanks to the creation of a “unique signature” based on visual characteristics of the image or object.


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The visual Search API is available from a REST API that will call the appropriate visual recognition feature. The solution is open and configurable to perform a visual search specific to your needs.

Visual Search API without Deep Learning

The technology is immediately operational, as it doesn’t require any model training based on Deep Learning. The algorithm focuses on visual characteristics (curvature, contrast, etc.), it doesn’t classify an image by typology (landscape, face, animal, etc.)

Comprehensive documentation

Contains all the necessary elements for a straightforward integration via a JSON/REST API. This documentation is in English only.

Dedicated support

A team of experts in image processing, and technical support will help you set up your dedicated object and image recognition API.

LTU visual search expertise

Unrivaled visual processing technology

Free yourself from neural network training

The core of our technology is based on creating a unique signature for an image or an object. Similarly to an ID, our algorithms extract a wide range of data based on the image or object’s visual characteristics.

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