Bring your media to life!

The best mobile experience to connect your media

A strong ROI lever

Drive traffic to your branded content, boost your sales, and optimise your costs with a comprehensive knowledge of user expectations

Engaging content

Inform, entertain and educate your users with a combination of augmented reality and other interactive content.

Easy-to-use software

Enrich your media in complete autonomy with a mass-import intuitive platform

No logistical impact

LTU technology uses the image of your physical medium

LinkMe Augmented Reality LTU Tech

Mobile visual recognition: a growth lever approved by businesses

LinkMe helps you inform, reassure and entertain users by providing content directly accessible from their smartphone. 

LinkMe is disrupting the world of mobile marketing experiences with technology that allows you to deliver both augmented reality and web content, so you won’t ever have to choose between one or the other!

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A comprehensive mobile experience offer

Use the LinkMe web app or mobile application (iOS & Android), or order your own white-label web app/application in your brand’s colours. Do you already have an app or web app? Ask for our SDK!

The key to strong ROI

Access scan and interaction statistics to analyse the user path and better understand your customers’ expectations.

Simplified content management

Manage your campaigns autonomously, and update your content without limit by using our easy-to-use publishing platform, which is ideally suited to enrich large volume

Connect your images to digital content

Incorporate mobile visual recognition in your user experiences

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A growth lever for brands
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visual recognition through image unique signature

The most robust mobile visual recognition on the market

Our visual recognition algorithm is perfectly suited for mobile use. Reflections, blur or any background element in the user’s photo do not disrupt the scan of the object.

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