Brand Experience: What are the benefits for consumers?

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By 2021, it is estimated that 8 out of 10 smartphone users will make it a habit to do some preliminary research before going to the point of sale.

Whether they are looking for information on product features, comparing prices or checking reviews, consumers are increasingly attentive to what they buy.

Brands can now meet these expectations by tying their products to the object most used by consumers: their smartphone. This is what we call “mobile experiences”. As we’ll see, these can support various marketing strategies. So what’s in it for your business? And for consumers?

A simplified path to purchase

Smartphones can make it easier for consumers to make a purchase.

For instance, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann has developed an app that helps customers find their way around the department store.

Outside the store itself, connected mobile experiences can help streamline the click-and-buy process. Paco Rabanne tried this with a connected sampling campaign. All consumers had to do was take a photo of the sample to be directly redirected to the brand’s online shop.

On the drive-to-store side, the example of Canadian clothing brand Mark’s is particularly relevant, as it integrated thermometers into its advertising panels. Each degree below zero was matched to the discount percentage available to customers. A strikingly original way of inciting people to visit their shop.

An aid to decision-making

Mobile phones are an effective way of facilitating access to information about a product or service, with packaging becoming a digitalised information vector. A great example of this is Yuka, a mobile application that allows users to find out about the ingredients of food and cosmetic products by simply scanning their barcode.

In another instance, Ikea has an app that allows products to be viewed in augmented reality. This helps consumers project themselves and makes them more likely to order new furniture. It is estimated that 60% of consumers use their mobile phones in stores to enquire about a product.

A great way to build proximity with the brand

Connected mobile experience campaigns are an effective way to keep the relationship between the brand and its customers going after the purchase has been made.

In 2017, Danone opted for connected bottles for its Danish brand Aqua D’Or: by snapping a picture of the label, the consumer could discover the brand’s universe and the causes it supports (promoting water over sodas for instance).Building such proximity also involves customising the mobile experience. Something French brand Naguelann has mastered: the packaging of their high-end whisky bottles, which are often offered as gifts, becomes a means of communication between the buyer and the recipient. Each bottle is unique and delivers a personalised message that can be accessed by taking a picture of the label.

And now?

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Mobile marketing : What are the benefits for brands ?

Mobile experiences lead to increased sales, especially because the buying journey is not interrupted. Plus, users have easier access to purchase incentives, such as promotions… To learn more, check out our article “Why Brands Should Incorporate Mobile Marketing into Their Brand Experience Strategy?

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