AS Opéra – Augmented booklet

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L’Avant-Scène Opéra (AS Opéra) is a bimonthly journal that devotes each issue to a complete study of an opera, with a full bilingual libretto, musical and literary commentary, comparative discography and videography, source and character studies, chronology of major productions, and extensive historical iconography.

Both a guide and a pocket encyclopedia, each book is like a bunch of keys. It is intended for all those who are curious about opera, to give them multiple access to the works and the great composers. Recording and staging enthusiasts will also find an overview of the great performers, directors and conductors.



The publisher AS Opéra associés of the Humensis group wishes to bring digital tools to boost the cultural experience and respond to new trends. It is therefore important to be able to provide complete and attractive educational materials.

However, publishers are quickly limited to sharing print-only content when more multimedia content is available online.



  • Simplified book management
  • Optimized cultural journey
  • Build audience loyalty with an innovative service



  1. Activate our visual recognition on each page of the augmented booklet and associate multimedia content (videos, audio files, newspaper articles, online quizzes, etc.) via the api that enables mobile recognition
  2. Identify behavioral patterns thanks to the collected data, to rethink and optimize the cultural journey
  3. An SDK has been delivered for the integration of a scanning functionality in the AS Opera application (available on Android and iOS)

Performance indicators

+ 6 000 flashes
+ 1,200 unique users
550+ connected pages


LTU’s visual recognition applied to AS Opera’s books has enabled the publisher to offer a digital and mobile solution to tourists, students and aesthetes.

LTU integrated its image recognition API into the AS Opera mobile app (available on Android and iOS), which automatically activates the phone’s camera to scan a page with additional content attached, such as news articles, online quizzes, videos, audio files, and more.

The benefits for AS Opera are to provide an educational tool that enriches culture, complementing the opera program with current and up-to-date information (and updatable in real time), which provides access to varied content to maintain daily appreciation.

In addition, it has allowed for greater visibility into aesthete behavior through flash and click reporting; as well as simplified the implementation of the cultural experience.

The brand also gained traffic to its content, boosted customer loyalty and entertained and educated its users while enhancing the value of the cultural print media.