Humensis – Belin Éducation

Connected textbooks

Context :

Belin Education is a major player in educational and extracurricular publishing in France.

Their a part of the Humensis group, which is active in publishing in various formats (books, journals, magazines, digital platforms) in the fields of education, schools and universities, journals for researchers and teachers. Publicly accessible knowledge (references, articles and documents, general literature).

The Group continues to grow by creating or acquiring publishers of books or journals, by developing specific technologies for education and training content and services, or by creating new media for audiences engaged in training.


Need :

Academic publishers like Belin Éducation are willing to provide digital tools to boost student’s learning experience. Moreover, educational actors must respond to new trends such as reverse schooling or the growth of home schooling. It is therefore important to be able to provide complete and attractive teaching materials.
But publishers are limited to display printed content, while more multimedia resources are available online.



  • Innovate on educational materials for teachers and students
  • Optimized learning path
  • Simplified book management


Solution :

  1. Activate our visual recognition on each page of the textbooks, and associate multimedia content (videos, audio files, newspaper articles, online quizzes, etc.) with the LTU SaaS platform.
  2. Deliver a white-label mobile application that integrates our visual recognition algorithm and is available on IOS and Android.
  3. Identify behavioral patterns through the collected data, to rethink and optimize the learning path.

Key performance indicators

+250K unique users
+1 million flashs
+18K connected pages

Results :

LTU’s visual recognition applied to Humensis Group’s textbooks has enabled Belin Education to offer a digital and mobile solution to students.

LTU integrated its image recognition API into the FlashBelin mobile application (available on Android and iOS), specifically via an SDK (Software Development Kit), which automatically activates the phone’s camera to scan a page. Each page is linked to additional contents, such as news articles, online quizzes, videos, audio files, and much more.

The benefits for Humensis is to provide an educational tool that enriches the learning process by supplementing the school program with current and up-to-date (and easy to update in real-time) information. It provides access to varied academic contents to maintain daily appreciation for school life, and allows students to get answers at any time.