Kantar Media – Media Intelligence

Identify the presence of a product online


Kantar Media Group, a global leader in data, research and consulting, is a London-based brand research and consulting institute. The evidence-based data and research institute provides actionable insights and recommendations to clients around the world. Kantar Media collects data digitally and shares its interpretations in real time, at scale and speed. The institute has self-service solutions that deliver results the same day, and more in-depth diagnostic solutions that require more time.



World-renowned marketing and market research agency, Kantar Media, needed computer vision technology to accelerate online information gathering to measure brand visibility and facilitate the creation of visibility and reputation reports.



  • Low resource requirements
  • Significant gain in work efficiency
  • Improvement of their services



  1. Provide our Visual Search technology to identify the presence of products on targeted sites, easily integrated into Kantar Media’s environment of third party technologies such as crawling.
  2. Provide access to our technology in license mode. This allows a local integration of the technology and guarantees a total confidentiality for the data of Kantar Media’s clients (the LTU team has no visibility on the requests made).

Performance indicators

+ 1M images
+30 brands analyzed
On-Premise Installation


The solution delivered to Kantar Media consists in activating our Visual Search brick with a crawling brick in Kantar’s environment to search and analyze the online presence of their clients.

The benefits for Kantar Media Institute are a better visibility on the online reputation of their clients thanks to the reports. The indicators brought back from these reports will allow the institute’s various clients to modify their practices in a continuous improvement process.

The consulting institute has also gained in efficiency of their services offered to their clients. Indeed, the audit of the visibility of a brand online is often complex as there are so many supports and communication channels on the web.