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LTU provides the best solution in image analysis technology
to help private companies and public organizations
to enhance the value of their data, to fight fraud and theft,
ensure compliance, contribute to the preservation of heritage
and prevent climate risks.
Visual Search
Identify, search and organise your 2D and 3D media

LTU delivers an integrated SaaS solution, open and configurable for visual search. This SaaS solution gives you access to our multiple proprietary algorithms, and can also integrate third-party algorithms to perform a visual search specifically tailored to your needs.

Comparison and change detection
2D and 3D visual comparison

LTU offers a SaaS comparison and change detection solution that is highly configurable to operate tailored processing based on your use case. Whether you need to set up a level sensitivity to changes, or ignore a background or a reflection, etc. you can adjust the pre and post processing parameters according to your need.

Developer Tool
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LTU provides you with a Developer environment to test the visual recognition functionalities we offer.

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Automated alerting system

Expert analysts need to become more efficient in interpreting raw data and allocating their workload for change detection in satellite images of a defined area. This analysis requires foolproof processing to achieve optimal operational decision-making.

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Protection of cultural property

UNESCO estimates that the illicit trade of cultural property represents nearly 10 billion dollars each year. This traffic is a major source of funding for criminal and terrorist organisations and deprives peoples of their history and identity.

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Industrial control and maintenance

Manufacturers seek to optimise quality management and efficiently identify defective parts during the production or maintenance cycle because they can lead to potential malfunction and generate significant additional costs.

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Enhance cultural and pedagogical materials

Technological initiatives are growing in order to increase the competitiveness of the cultural sector, and to boost interactive learning experiences.

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Brand & Retail

LTU eases the management of brand image databases into their DAM and PIM, and enables interactive consumer experiences through mobile visual recognition.

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LTU has become a pioneer in computer vision for highly demanding public and private organisations, serving prestigious clients in Europe, Asia and North America.

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