Paco Rabanne Fragrances – Retail

Connected samples campaigns

Context :

The house of Paco Rabanne embodies a unique alliance between contemporary avant-garde design and “Haute Couture” know-how. Led by French artistic director Julien Dossena, the brand expresses progressive femininity through its ready-to-wear and accessories collections, combining urban simplicity with innovative creations.

Paco Rabanne is part of the Puig family business. The group is specialized in fashion and perfume and is based in Barcelona. Puig develops unique brands and olfactory experiences designed to make people dream. Its ambition is to define the future of perfume by focusing on innovation and taking a significant share of the growth.


Need :

Fragrance and beauty brands suffer from a lack of visibility on ROI of their sampling campaigns. They are willing to improve the decision journey with engaging sampling campaigns as well as to limit interruptions in the buying process from the sample discovery to the final purchase.


Objectives :

  • Maintain its position as a forward-thinking leader
  • Improve marketing strength
  • Attract new customers with an engaging journey


Solution :

  1. Activate our visual recognition on samples to drive traffic to e-retailers and promote brand universe content.
  2. Develop a custom Chatbot Messenger to guide customers through their shopping experience.
  3. Access to statistical reports available in real time via the LTU platform and collect data to get a better knowledge of hot markets and user behaviors, in order to optimize the commercial efforts allocated to future campaigns.


Key performance indicators

4 campaigns
11 markets worldwide
8,7% engagement rate

Results :

The solution delivered to Paco Rabanne consists in activating our visual recognition on the samples and enriching them with digital content such as links to e-commerce websites and further contents of the brand’s universe (videos, gif, online games, etc.).

LTU visual recognition was integrated via an API key into a Facebook Messenger chatbot attached to the Paco Rabanne Parfums Facebook page.

LTU has enabled an easy implementation for an international campaign (10 countries additionally to the Travel Retail network), without impacting the sample designs. Indeed, LTU technology allows the association of different contents for each country, even though the product has the same design for all markets.

There are many benefits for Paco Rabanne Parfums : a better visibility on the performance of its sample campaigns thanks to flash and click reporting (measurement of the level of engagement by market, growth of traffic to its Youtube media, social networks, and on many more channels). The brand also gained a better understanding of its consumers’ behaviors, and possible optimizations of its marketing and sales forces for its next sample campaigns.