Connected training materials

Context :

The Provalliance Group was born in 2008 from the merger of the Franck Provost Group and the continental European business of Regis Corporation in the United States, and is today the No. 1 in Europe and No. 2 worldwide in the hairdressing market, with more than 3,500 salons and stores in 35 locations on five continents.

The Provallance Group owns some of the most prestigious salon brands in the world (Franck Provost, Jean Louis David, Llongueras, Maniatis Paris), stores accessible to beauty professionals and the general public (Bleu Libellule, Nyx Cosmetics), nail bars that follow trends, the group has 18 brands, employs more than 30,000 people and serves more than 35 million customers worldwide.


Need :

The group that includes the very popular hairdressing brands like Franck Provost, Jean-Louis David and Saint Algue wants to provide a complete pedagogical tool to its teams that are in training. The group has created multimedia content, but they need a digital bridge to link the printed supports (catalogue, posters, products packaging, etc.) to the complementary online contents.


Objectives :

  • Optimized learning path
  • Becoming a forward-thinking and connected brand


Solution :

  1. Activate our visual recognition on each product, poster and magazine, and associate multimedia content
    (videos, specialized articles, online quizzes, etc.) thanks to the LTU SaaS platform.
  2. Integrate the visual recognition algorithm via our SDK (Software Development Kit) into a custom-made mobile application, available on IOS and Android.
  3. Identify behavioral patterns thanks to the collected data, track traffic on each content, and offer personalized training.

Key performance indicators

+2,3K unique
Average of 100 flashs/month
+20 nationalities

Results :

Thanks to the visual recognition of packaging, magazines, posters displayed at the hairdressing salons, and various physical materials, Provalliance offers a mobile solution that facilitates access to information for its employees.

LTU has integrated its visual recognition API into the LearnApp mobile application (available on Android and iOS), more precisely via its SDK (Software Development Kit). It enables the implementation of the scan feature into the app, and thus allows the staff of the Provalliance group to access various additional training contents such as videos, specialized articles, and much more.

The benefits for Provalliance group are to provide a pedagogical tool that accelerates the time needed to acquire a hairstyling “know-how”. It represents a significant saving of time in the onboarding process of new employees, which leads to optimized productivity and a fully competent staff.
Provalliance is also able to continuously improve its training program. Indeed, from the reporting of flashes and clicks, the company identifies behavioral patterns, as well as the most popular contents and those that do not seem to bring added value to its teams