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Augmented books


Synops publishing is a booking publisher specialized in digital content related project.

“Books are not doomed to disappear, quite the contrary”. This is the vision of Synops, which promotes digital content from printed pages, thanks to dedicated applications such as SynApps. By scanning the pages of their books, you can access to a whole lot multimedia contents that literally enrich the reading experience. At Synops, the pleasure of learning and understanding continues to grow.



They were working on books telling the story of the historic caves of Chauvet-Pont d’Arc and Lascaux. Prehistoric specialists and authors worked together with 3D technology experts in order to render in 3D the works from the caves to offer a 360° virtual tour of the caves. Synops wanted a solution to bridge this digital content with their physical books.



  • Easily connect books to augmented reality content
  • Build audience loyalty through an innovative service
  • Optimized discovery path
  • Simplified book management



  1. Enable visual recognition on every pages of the books, and associate 3D models, additional articles, 360 virtual tour, etc.) via the LinkMe SaaS platform.
  2. Deliver a mobile app based on the white label, which incorporates the visual recognition algorithm, and available on all iOS and Android devices.
  3. Identify behavioral patterns through data.

Performance indicators

+20K flashes / year
+2K unique users
8 clicks/user/session


The solution delivered to Synops consists in activating our visual recognition on the different pages of the book and enriching them with digital content such as a redirection to augmented reality, cultural places, videos, museums and many other contents.

The brand has decided to integrate our visual recognition technology into an application that can offer a solution that responds to trends and rethinks the business model to capture new audiences through mobile use.

The benefits for Synops include better visibility into reader behavior through flash and click reporting, as well as a simplified user experience setup.

The brand has also gained traffic to its content, boosted customer loyalty, and entertained and educated its users while enhancing the value of its print books.