Petit Futé – Connected Travel Guides

Digital traveler experience


Le Petit Futé is a French publishing group and a collection of travelling guides that supports travelers within more than 800 destinations accross 189 countries around the world.

After 30 years of experience, Petit Futé seeks to adapt to the new consumption patterns of young tourists looking for “good plans” such as typicals restaurants or local food experiences, surprising and out of the ordinary hotels,  local events, outdoor activities, etc., which will enrich the guide’s addresses.



Their looking for a solution to bridge the gap between paper and digital to match new uses, and also for increasing their guides durability.



  • Enhance the tourism and discovery experience
  • Build audience loyalty through an innovative service
  • Autonomy to update multilingual content in real time



  1. Integration of a mobile visual recognition feature within the Petit Futé Webapp
  2. Activate our visual recognition on each page of the guide and associate multimedia content (interactive maps, videos, booking links, etc.)
  3. Identify behavioral patterns thanks to the collected data, to rethink and optimize tourist routes


Performance indicators

+45 nationalities
+600k annual flashes
+500 connected guides


The solution delivered to Petit Futé consisted in activating our visual recognition on the different pages of the guide and to enrich them with digital content such as a redirection to cultural places, videos, maps and many other contents.

Unlike its competitors, Petit Futé has integrated mobile scanning via a Webb app to offer a solution that meets current trends and needs. The brand shares content available in several languages by connecting only a single image available via a mobile channel.

The benefits for Petit Futé include improved visibility into tourist behavior through flash and click reporting; as well as simplified implementation of the tourism experience.

Petit Futé has also gained traffic to its content, boosted customer loyalty, and entertained and trained its users while promoting heritage.

Finally, the brand has seen significant growth over the last 12 months with +42% use.

“A complete guide that has been renewed with a more modern edition, a digital content that allows me to connect at any time on my phone and that meets all my expectations in terms of good addresses and tips” Review Google October 2021.