Watchdog – How it works

Watchdog E-commerce Technology

A very user-friendly platform

By recognizing your product listings on e-commerce websites, Watchdog monitors your sales territories through automated control of your product listings.

Let’s take the example of a reference product you wish to monitor.

  1. Fill in the essential information (product name, category, sales territories, etc.) and then import the image of your product into the platform.
  2. Watchdog will analyse the image and assign it a “unique signature” using LTU’s patented visual recognition technology, just like its own fingerprint or DNA.
  3. Watchdog will then crawl the various e-commerce websites that make up your sales territory, performing a semantic analysis.
  4. Watchdog seeks matches with listings images that have a similar signature to that of your reference product.
  5. When all your sales territories has been surveyed, Watchdog creates a summary report: number of e-commerce websites on which the product is present, number of listings and sellers concerned, and above all, information regarding the compliance rate of these listings, across all sales territories and by platform. Of course, you can supplement this general overview with detailed information on specific listings: description, seller, price, currency, URL, etc.

Differentiating product recognition technology

Watchdog’s image search doesn’t rely on Deep Learning. Indeed, it might not always be relevant to your needs, since your product has a unique graphic identity. Deep Learning would require large numbers of images to train a model, while you, by definition, might only have a single reference setting for that product. With LTU’s image and object recognition technology, no training time is need as Watchdog directly and reliably identifies your image in a single scan.

This results in significant timesaving for businesses: with a detection speed of 0.3 second per image, it only takes a few hours to analyse an entire marketplace (Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Wish, Joon, etc.) and obtain a detailed report. Indeed, Watchdog does not compare images but rather their unique signatures, which makes it a very efficient visual recognition tool.

Watchdog also allows users to choose the frequency of their automatic monitoring cycle. This is particularly relevant in fast-moving industries where almost continuous watch is required.

Watchdog was created with the aim of providing an integrated solution for all business lines, including teams without specific technical skills. We made sure that its interface is user-friendly, and that it can be used immediately without prior training or complex development.

Day-to-day operational gains are undeniable. Without compromising performance, Watchdog is functional, easy to use and capable of serving the various objectives of the company’s functions (sales, marketing, communication, etc.)

In short, Watchdog enables you to carry out automated monitoring for a large product catalogue in a short timeframe with fast, comprehensive results that can be used by all your business lines.

You will then have access to a dedicated environment that will allow you to autonomously launch your inspection cycles at the desired frequency. Our analysis reports were designed to provide fast, accurate and easily understandable information. Furthermore, all data can be exported for easy integration into your tools and reports.

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